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Why do I get so many spam SEO emails?


If you have a website, then you probably receive spam SEO emails on a regular basis by scammers trying to make a quick buck, or worse yet doing something malicious.

Naturally, when I receive a spam email it’s mild annoyance and I just delete it. But occasionally, a newer client will forward a spam email that claims their website isn’t as good as it should be. And sometimes even ask “is this something I should be worried about” I can’t blame the client if they want to know what’s going on, after all – it’s their business and their livelihood and anyone would be concerned if they kept getting emails saying their website could do better.

You’ve probably received emails like these:

“I found your details on and I have looked at your website and realized your website has great design but your website ranking is not good on all search engines Google, AOL, Yahoo and Bing.

Do you want more targeted visitors on your website? We can place your website on Google’s 1st Page. Yahoo, AOL, Bing. Etc. “


“I have just analyzed your site for the current search visibility and saw that your website could use a push.

We will increase your SEO metrics and ranks organically and safely, using only whitehat methods, while providing monthly reports and outstanding support. Please check our pricelist here, we offer SEO at cheap rates.

So, why do we get so many unsolicited emails that promise “Guaranteed Rank No.1 In Google” at a very cheap rate? Most of these emails are automated, it’s almost the same exact message but from different email addresses. Spammers will illegally buy lists of email addresses from unscrupulous list vendors, use programs that scour the internet and grab email addresses from websites, and other dishonest methods of getting someone contact info.

But you may be asking yourself: is there any risk from getting these e mails, and should I respond to them and ask to stop emailing me?

The Risk

Many spam emails do contain phishing attempts or malware. Never click on any link or open any attachment. And as tempting as cheap SEO may sound – giving some stranger in India access to your website and a credit card number is just a recipe for disaster.

Should I respond?

I always recommend to never respond to any spam email – that only lets the sender know they have a real person on the other end of the line. Responding to spam will probably just create even more spam emails.

I can understand how someone who gets emails almost on a daily basis saying there are problems with their website may start wondering if something is really wrong. Sometimes these spam emails offer a free SEO report or consultation. They promise to improve sales, they claim to be experts at organic SEO, they always sound like they just want to do you a favor and help make your website better – for dirt cheap.

The things you will always notice about these kinds of emails:

  1. They are always completely unsolicited.
  2. They rarely list a company name in the email, usually never a website, and never an address for the business.
  3. The emails always come from someone using a free email account i.e. Google or Hotmail.
  4. No Phone number.
  5. The emails usually have grammar and spelling mistakes.

Proper SEO can never be accomplished overnight, it takes a long term strategy from a legitimated SEO business with a proven track record. Search engine optimization, done well, can help your business expand your online presence and attract eager buyers for your products and services.

If you didn't request any information about SEO services, and you don't know the sender, there’s a 99.9% chance it’s spam.

You’ve heard it a million times… but “If something sounds too good to be true, it almost definitely is”.

Stay Informed

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