Since the pandemic started there has been a noticeable increase in phishing emails, scams, and different types of fraud.

Recently phishing attacks look even more like they came from a specific company. This is called “spearfishing,” and hackers might pose as your bank, credit card company, or a site like Dropbox or PayPal. Generally, targets receive an email that looks as if it came from a legitimate business. You might be prompted to click on a link to “verify account details” and from there, malware is installed on your device.

Where you once had to download a file or an app to get malware, it’s now a matter of clicking a link. These kind of fileless attacks are also more difficult to detect, as most antivirus programs only scan your hard drive.

Here are some examples of emails you may receive:

scam Capture








What to Do if you receive one of these emails

The majority of the content used for this blog post was taken from a great email newsletter sent out a while back from H-Built Computers here in Sarasota. Sadly, the owner closed the business this last year to pursue his passion for video production. I really miss those guys, they built 3 different computers for me over the years and did all my IT work. They were the go-to guys I trusted my computer to when there was a problem. Heath – I hope you don’t mind me “borrowing” your newsletter content, but it was some great advice I wanted to pass along.

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