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My dental office, Hoffman Dental, hired Syd Krawczyk to create a more upscale and high-tech website for our practice.

We are a growing dental practice and are trying to keep up with our growth by reinvesting in our business, our marketing, and our education. Part of our model was to show a more "polished face" to the public via a new website that caters to a more discerning demographic, without alienating our older, less technologically-savvy patient base.

To me, this was a difficult request and I was skeptical this would go easily. I was wrong; Syd took the reins and steered our practice right where we wanted to be, and he did it quickly without fuss. We asked him to do something in theory and Syd had a working model we could see the same day, or a day-or-two later, depending on the complexity of the request.

At the end, I could not be happier with the result...and by nature I am very picky, after all, I deal in millimeters every day. I cannot say enough about Syd Krawczyk; his professionalism and his ability to turn a concept into a reality is a winning combination.

"Syd of Concept Digital Media provided insight and direction to help us create and implement an updated website for our company. He took our vision and created a functional, user-friendly site. He is knowledgeable, professional and responsive to our needs. We are very pleased with the finished product and would definitely recommend Syd."

Tara Coddington, Office Manager
Harshman & Company, Inc.

Hi Alice,

I just wanted to let you know how much I like what you're doing with the Senior Moves social media. The mind map posting was great, and I was able to work that into a presentation I did on Wednesday! I appreciate that you have a good understanding of what Senior Moves does and what the issues are for our clients.

Thanks so much!

Sue Ellen 

Syd not only exceeded every expectation in building my business website, he was able to complete the project and get the site live a few days ahead of schedule to accommodate my advertizing strategy.

Throughout our collaboration he was sensitive and responsive to my design ideas, but didn't hesitate to tell me when those ideas might have made my site less useable. He was always prepared to offer alternative designs, which I approved and which-in the end-proved to be the more effective. This was my first experience hiring a web designer.

I definitely feel I got my money's worth with Syd, and look forward to collaborating with him on other web projects as my business grows.

Kenny Williams - Richmond VA

Syd designed my new website and I am very pleased. It is so easy to navigate and everyone who has been on my site makes the comment about how easy it is to find the necessary information.

Syd was wonderful to work with and so knowledgeable about how to navigate the web. What a nice guy.

Ferne Rubin director of Sarasota Educational Resourse Center (SERC)

Syd is a loyal and dedicated person to his clients and friends. He has a great creative eye and a wonderful capacity to visualize a project from concept to completion. He is an excellent photographer, a great artist and will go the extra mile to take care of his clients. Syd is both a good friend and colleague, I would not hesitate to do business with him now or in the future.

Syd is a highly creative artist-visually and musically, and I have known Syd since high school. He has a great eye and ear for composition and detail. He is a hard worker, problem solver, works in mediums from digital to traditional, he gets things done, and I highly recomend him for any project!

All I can say is go to: Syd designed our website....superb. He has done our TV commercials, the videos and photography on our site and redesign of our logo. Wonderful work. Excellent results. Highly recommended. A true professional with unquestionable standards and ethics"

Syd has helped my business on numerous occasions including designing brochures for my company and a website for my business. 

He also took awesome pictures of different gift baskets so I could  use them for a vehicle wrap on my car.  Syd provides quality and professional results.

Tammy Hogan/Owner - Sunshine Baskets

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